Chakshu Pte. Ltd. driven by entrepreneurs over “20” years of experience in Business
Development Sales and marketing of Pharmaceutical, Medical Supplies products in South East Asia.

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What we do and how we do it.

Chakshu Pte Ltd. is a Singapore registered company, it has associated with reputed manufacturers from worldwide to distribute Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients & Finish Dosages in South East Asia region.

Chakshu Pte Ltd is driven by team with experience of over 20 years engaged in API and finish Dosages Marketing capabilities.

Manufacturing facilities of our associates are approved by Various FDA’s, GMP WHO & GMP EU standards

Chakshu Pte Ltd is vertically integrated pharmaceutical company with expertise in the below areas:

  • Supply of Active Pharmaceutical ingredients from reputed manufacturers.
  • Pre-mixes and taste mask granules ready to fill in capsules, sachets, bottle for dry Syrups
  • Finish dosages Registrations, Marketing & tender participations

Our integrated model assists our customers to improve their cost effectiveness and efficiency.

List of Advantages for above products & Services:

  • Rapid and quick launch of products
  • Time & Money saving
  • Smart way to launch new drug products

Finish Dosages Marketing:

We hold exclusive marketing and distribution rights for Various products in South East Asia. Most of our products range are successfully registered with the Drug Administration of Vietnam, Cambodia & Philippines and some more under pipeline, we established a strong distribution network with an experienced and energetic Sales team to handle the requirements of the market. Apart from our strong presence in Govt. Private Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers & Universities, we do contribute charity medical camps for the needy patients to perform cataract surgery and eye care services.

We follow the mantra to strive hard to make each and every advanced molecule within the easy reach of customers

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